New work in ‘Sun Thinking’, Solar Protocol Network exhibition

Over the summer I have been collaborating with artist Rory Gillen on a new commissioned work for Sun Thinking, the first exhibition to be launched on the Solar Protocol Network.

The Solar Protocol Network is a ‘naturally intelligent’ website hosted across a network of solar powered servers and is sent to the user from whichever server is in the most sunshine at the time of viewing.

For Sun Thinking, Rory and I have made a website – Orbital Decay – that tracks the passage of SpaceX satellites above the active Solar Protocol server and displays the remaining lifespan of each satellite from the day it was launched. We use a server powered by the logic of the Sun to illuminate the invisible decay of Starlink satellites, rather than their shiny beginnings.

Sun Thinking will launch on April 22nd, 12pm-2pm EST (sadly this does not align with the sun in Australia so we have pre-recorded our talk for the event).

A big thank you to the Solar Protocol curatorial team Tega Brain, Alex Nathanson, Benedetta Piantella and Kate Silzer.